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Peanut Butter Test For Alzheimer's

Alzheimer's: A Family Changed

A new test to detect the onset of Alzheimer's doesn't involve memory games, labs, or equipment; all you need is peanut butter. Click to learn more!

I Miss My Best Friend

"My mom recently passed away on April 30th. She was on hospice and I am blessed that I got to take care of her at home and was there until her last breath. I (her daughter) was her primary caregiver. I think of her every day, and as much as she needed me, I was the one who needed her more."

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The Alzheimer's Awareness Blog

PrideGeniusofMarian3A Conversation Everyone Who’s Going Through Alzheimer’s Can Relate To…

An Alzheimer’s diagnosis changes more than just the life of the patient, it also means significant changes for loved ones and family as they try to tend to the patient’s daily needs. This clip features an intimate look into Pam White’s life as she confronts early-onset Alzheimer’s. She and her husband Ed check in with...

KellyGunderson3OMG I Almost Cried at 0:34. So Touching!

Kelly Gunderson’s 87-year-old mother is battling Alzheimer’s. In this touching video, Kelly’s mom as a moment of mental clarity and is able recognize her daughter and recall her name. So amazing. These are the moments caregivers everywhere live for. We hope the interaction between Kelly and her mom give you hope today to never give...

BradsElaborateProposalLove = A Beach-Ful of Memories!

Brad loves Emily -- but rather than tell her, he thought it best if he showed her with an elaborate display of affection. To begin with, Brad though, how about a flash-mob? Then, as the set-up to Brad's ultimate display of love progressed, things got more personal, and more touching.

Dementia101_1Dementia 101 — What You Need to Know!

Alzheimer's disease falls under a larger umbrella of neurological disorders called dementia. Also under the umbrella of dementia are Huntington's disease, Lewy Body dementia, and loss of cognitive functions caused by brain injury. While each of these disorders have memory loss in common, each is slightly different. Knowing which your loved one or patient falls under is dire when determining treatment, or when trying to improve quality of life.

ACLScreen1This Simple Assessment Could Change Life with Alzheimer’s!

Since each person suffering from Alzheimer's or dementia is on his or her own level of functionality, it's sometimes difficult to determine how to help a patient or loved-one improve their quality of life. However, there are a few simple and effective methods for determining capability in sufferers of Alzheimer's. One is called the Allen Cognitive Level Screen (ACLS), or the leather lacing tool test. With just a few types of stitching, the ACLS can help caretakers and family members determine exactly what they can do to improve the patient's life, based on what they are ABLE to do.

Provide Needed Care for Alzheimer's Patients
When a family is unable to afford a caregiver, or the caregiver needs to take personal time, ExtraCare is just the place to find affordable care and mental stimulation for those affected by Alzheimer's. Donations through this Gift That Gives More™ will enrich the lives of people dealing with Alzheimer's disease or related conditions by providing opportunities for social, physical, mental, and creative activities. Thank you!

Help families touched by Alzheimer's get the care their loved ones need.

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