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I believe everyone should be treated with Dignity, Respect and to feel very Special! I helped take care of my Nana when she had dementia,my

Mother decided she didn't or couldn't deal with caring for her Mother. I had a 3 yr old son Noah and was pregnant with twins at the time, But i wasn't

about to leave my Nana on her own. My Nana passed away a couple yrs later, i was a stay at home mom of three boys. As my boys got older

i needed to go back to work part time, there was a assisted living facility (Sunrise) just down the street I interviewed and they thought i would

be a good fit for Memory Care which is more suited for people with different degrees of dementia. I Loved being there! it never felt like a job, I felt

really blessed and honered be able to help a person get dressed and serve them breakfast and lunch,to be able to laugh and bring a beautiful smile

to there face,listen and reminence about there life, Just to be there and comfort another human being who has possibly been forgotten by there own

family. I am now a private care giver. I Love ,Love,Love every moment of this very important gift that God has given me. I truely believe that serving

others is the most Precious expression of Love there is! People will say to me, 'you must have a lot of patience to be care giver' I just believe all

Souls should be treated with Kindness and respect! As We ALL DO!

karen snow
Yorba Linda, CA

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