As I entered my adult years, my relationship with my mother changed. We became close, and talked like friends. She would come to my house and visit several weekends a year, and we would watch action movies and eat junk food. She especially loved Chuck Norris, and the Die Hard movies. We would go to the casino together; how she loved those slot machines! I carry these beautiful memories inside me, even if she cannot. We would spend the day shopping, for clothes and earrings. She always loved earrings: she still does!!! Then out to lunch. After she retired, she formed a card club with her friends from Nursing School. She was the catalyst, she would plan, pick up those who didn’t drive; they would go out to eat, and play cards all day. I am writing these things as a celebration of her life. There is so much heartbreak with this disease, so I try to keep the good times in my heart. All her nursing friends have passed away; she does not remember them anymore, anyway, which is a blessing. Her husband has passed away. Her sister just died from Alzheimer’s several months ago. She does not remember those things, either. So it is only her. And us, her children. Yet her will is strong; she gets up every day, spends time at day care, gets taken on outings, and see concerts like The Singing Policeman and Irish Jiggers. She enjoys herself, and is always smiling. We all laugh with her, love her, and take care of her. We stay upbeat for her, and enjoy her one day at a time.

Pawtucket, RI