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Memory of a dear friend.

This is for a dear friend of mind that passed away this last Saturday, his name is Frank Ohenmus. We met back in 1972 while I was dating one of his nieces, he did not like me but as time went by I grew on him. As the years passed we became very good friends. After I got divorced from his niece, he and his family went to my 2nd wedding. That meant a lot to me. Unfortunately as time passed we grew apart, but I was to some degree always in contact with him. He was the smartest man that I had ever met. He just passed away from the disease called Alzheimer’s, as you all know that is very hard to deal with as a caregiver, yet his loving family was there for him to the end. I am unable to say all that I would like to about this man, because of the restrictions on words to post. But, I want his family to know that I always loved him and his wife whom passed away a few years ago. He is now with her, and my sorrow goes out to his entire family. He was a great Naval Officer during his career and excelled in every aspect of his life. The picture of him he is in the middle, although it is about 25 plus years old, it is how I would like to remember him. I am grateful to have been a part of his life and his family, I will, as his family will, miss him very much. Rest in peace my friend, love Tim.

Tim Towery
Menifee, CA