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My Mother, My Friend

Alzheimer's Poem by Julie Stell Croxton (N Little Rock, AR USA) It comes without warning no sound, no sign. The person I know has again been left behind. In place of my mother is someone unknown A vicious, hurtful person has invaded my home. As I hang on and the abuse passes me by I know the person she was is still somewhere inside. So I wait and remember how life used to be When she once knew who I was when she once could see me. This change doesn't occur each and everyday When she knows who I am she will hug me and say "I love you Julie, for all that you do, I know I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for you." How do you fight something so horrific that cannot be seen As it hides in the shadows it's intent to demean? I pray everyday that there will soon come a time When Alzheimer's is vanquished and this suffering has been left behind..... by julie stell croxton

Julie Croxton
North Little Rock, AR