The Changes We See

My mom has this disease. It is so sad to see her go through so many changes daily, forgetfulness, anxiety, fear, loneliness, being tired. She does have three dogs that keep her company and my brother and I go see her almost every day. She loves going to church every Sunday. She loves every person she meets and loves to try to connect with them. She always has a story for everything. If you are feeling sad she will try to lift you up. If you loved one can or is able to go in a car with someone please take them out of the house sometimes even if it is just around the block. My mom is almost 87 and we do not know how much longer we will have her so we value every second that we do have her. Not knowing when her work on earth is over, we have God's promise that we will see her again someday.

Michele Burtrum
Joplin, MO